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Simplifying login with Googles smart lock for passwords and Apples shared web credentials


To deliver a truly personalised experience across multiple devices we require our users to login. To get our users to login we need to create a seamless login experience. Users often forget their username or password or do not understand that they can use the same login credentials between the different products or services we offer.

Password management services make it easy for users to keep track of their login credentials and use them across multiple platforms.
Apple and Google have created services to manage user credentials. Apples initiative is called “shared web credentials” and Googles “Google smart lock for passwords”.
If you update your apps and website to support both ‘shared web credentials’ and ‘Google Smart lock for passwords’ you can simplify the login experience for those users who have chosen to save their credentials with Apple and Google. The biggest benefit is in sharing login credentials between your website and your apps.

Using OKRs in the Media Industry

The media industry has and is still going through tremendous and rapid change. The transition from print to digital, from desktop to mobile, from traditional display advertising to programmatic, from primary news distributor to content provider for new social distribution platforms, from broadcast journalism to personalised experiences, from local competition to competition from global tech giants. Add to this personnel cutbacks and the challenges appear overwhelming. The only thing that is consistent is change.

Managing this ever changing media landscape is challenging. Systematic, coherent and well coordinated focus from all departments is required to tackle these challenges.
Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs, is an organisational planning methodology VG and Schibsted have begun using. Its main goal is to connect company, team and personal objectives to measurable results, making people move together in the right direction. Creating a clarity of purpose among all departments, teams and individuals in an organisation.


Data insight at the heart of VG+ success

Data Science

VG’s premium digital product, VG+ recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with over 70 000 paying subscribers. VG+ is a five year old publication published by a tabloid newspaper with no history of subscriptions.
VG+ is now the fourth largest newspaper in Norway with ambitions to surpass the 100,000 subscriber milestone in 2016. In a country with a population of just over 5 million people the subscription numbers are starting to be substantial.  



Content in the right context is king

In the media industry content is no longer king, content delivered in the right context is now king. We need to deliver the right content at the right time to the right person. The dialog between a newspaper and their readers has to change from a blanket broadcast to the masses to a tailored conversation with the individual.

How can we create content and products that replicate natural conversation, if journalists had the ability to sit down and have a conversation with each of their readers, how would they adapt the conversation so as to best challenge, entertain and enlighten each reader based on their level of knowledge on different subjects.

Personalisation is all about improving the users experience of the product by adapting the product based on what we know about the user.