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Safari on iOS 5 Randomly Switches Images


Since the release of iOS 5 we’ve received several bug reports about images randomly displaying the wrong image(s) on our front page for smartphones. It seems to be completely random and could affect any of the images, anywhere and anyhow. During one week we would receive anywhere between two and ten reports about this error. In the same time period we would do about 4.5 million page impressions(2.9 million of them from iPhone) on the front alone. (more…)

Speeding up fonts for the web


Custom fonts for the web are a bit of a pain. Browsers support different kinds of font formats, they can be relatively heavy and the rendering can vary between operating systems.

Luckily, Google Web Fonts have come along and helped out, providing free and open-source fonts that is easy to implement on any website and should work across browsers. Typekit also provides fonts for the web, although not free.

We were having trouble getting the touch-version of VG’s front page to render correctly on Android – the reason behind this is the use of the “Times New Roman”-font. While Android does have a serif-font (Droid Serif), its metrics are not equal to that of Times New Roman, which results in text breaking at different points compared to the original font we use.