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Welcome to the VG Tech Blog – where a bunch of cute nerds share with friends and strangers alike what secrets may be important. At least they are to us.

Oh thee joy, what mysterious tale have I happened to stumble upon here?“, you might ask yourself this very moment. The question is not an easy one to answer. Let us depict the outline here and open the gates to the wicked path scattered with our secrets. Hopefully you may enlighten thyself with thrilling details at appropriate moments. A wise first step may be to follow us on twitter. Right now. Doooit!

First off, a preface. VG, the largest newspaper in Norway both online and in print, is the dwelling place of our restless souls. On a daily basis 1.29 million people come to visit our online news site; which equals a staggering 30% of the population (we’re talking 15Gbit/s when things are rockin’!). Our quest is to develop, enhance and host most of the company’s webapps and editorial tools, and make sure everything is snappy and sexy. Not an easy task, we can assure!

At the crack of dawn our highly skilled bunch of nocturnal geeks enter the office (an oxymoron, we know, and cannot render the fact intelligible nor understandable). This is where we hack, break, sqeal and heal (in that order) all day long. Currently there are 15 of us. Our skills are roughly level 80 in PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, MongoDB, jQuery, iOS, Android, Agricola, CSS3, HTML5, Varnish and CentOS 5.5. (Disclaimer: Yes, it may not look like we are level 80 in HTML5, but envision keeping 50 webapps and 3 million lines of code produced during the course of 15 years up-to-date, and you can imagine the haunted nightmares that keep us up at night). You may also ruminate the mention of CentOS 5.5 and consider us masochistic. In that regard, we consider silence to be our best defence.

Anyway, we set ourselves forth to share with you our exciting adventures experimenting and mastering the before mentioned technologies. We also dabble in Node.js, mobile technologies, Chef, Munin, Lighttpd, beer brewing, snowboarding, mushing, photography, conspiracy theories and naked women (not necessarily in that order).

Oh yeah, not to forget. Not only do we pride ourselves with beer brewing skills on the team. We also fancy drinking a lot of it. So if you ever find yourself in Oslo – grab our tails and we’ll join you for a brawl.


Hugs and kisses.