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What are we actually developing?

We write about all the technology we are using, but I notice that we are not telling you guys what kind of services and products we are giving our users. Therefore, I would like to give you a short overview of the main projects we’ve been working on so far in 2013.

Today our journalists use different publishing systems depending on if they write for the hard copy newspaper, VG online news or newer services that we have made. A large development team is now working on migrating all the publications to use one publishing tool for all platforms. They also work on replacing the technology behind, and give the users a new front-end on all devices.


VG+ is a paid editorial subscription service. Our work with VG+ will in the near future concentrate on funnel optimization, A/B-testing, and data driven product development. The recent months we have also done visual improvements on VG+, and we will continue improving the product.

One team has made an animal club for people interested in dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc.  The users make a profile for themselves and their pet, and can post messages, upload images, and follow other people and pets. There are groups to join where different themes are discussed, and several contracted specialists answer questions users might have regarding their pets. Further, we have developed a pet encyclopedia. It’s a cool service so we are working on making it fly.

VG has always provided our readers with food content and restaurant reviews, and this year we launched a new service called Our goal is to inspire people to make delicious food, and provide them with tasty recipes, useful articles and restaurant reviews. We focus on fantastic images to make our readers really hungry when surfing

VG Direkte

This is a new platform we launched for the 22nd of July trial, and we used it to report directly from the court room. Readers are presented with live reports and videos, tweets, and the ability to ask questions directly to our journalists. Additionally we have many more modules available. It gives the readers continuous information and is also used for covering sport events, concerts, and breaking news. The home page for VG Direkte is, so check it out!


We also have a team working on VGTV. We have done many changes both at the front end and back end the last year, and we are using lots of resources and energy to make VGTV shine.

Notification Service

This project was initiated during a 12 hour hack day we had in November last year. Now we have released the first version, so that logged in users on VGTV can get notifications when new series they have subscribed to are available.

You may also take a look at other services we made in the past, like the weight club and the weather forecast portal

Technical Project Manager at VG


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