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Getting Bash Completion for Remote Subversion Paths


Do you want automatic completion for remote paths when using svn in bash? Do you want to switch easier between branches? I’ve written a small script that gives you autocompletion for all remote paths.

It has one issue though; it requires that you are in a working copy and use ^/ when writing the remote path.

Developer at VG. @androa


  • Yves

    thx for the info :-)
    this should complete the http:// further:

    function complete_remote_paths() {

    # If the command line contains ^/ we should start completing
    if [[ "$word_to_complete" == ^/* ]]; then

    # Create a base path for svn to use which only contains complete folder
    # names. Examples:
    # ^/bra => ^/
    # ^/branches/foo = ^/branches/
    basepath=$(echo "${word_to_complete}"|sed -re 's#[^/]+$##')
    elif [[ "$word_to_complete" == //* ]]; then
    basepath=http:$(echo "${word_to_complete}"|sed -re 's#[^/]+$##')

    if [[ "0$basepath" != "0" ]]; then
    # Generate a list of words to complete the command.
    COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W "$(get_remote_paths)" -- ${word_to_complete}))

    function get_remote_paths() {
    # List all remote paths at given base path. Prepend the basepath to all
    # lines from svn ls in order to work with compgen.
    compl=$(echo $basepath | sed -e 's#http:##')
    svn ls ${basepath} 2>/dev/null | sed -e 's#^#'$compl'#'

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